Welcome to Tibetan Spaniels

from Eagle Crest

Thank you for visiting the website we've dedicated to our Tibetan Spaniels (or as we like to call them, Tibbies)!  As you can see, we are proud of all of our beautiful companions and the more you begin to look through the rest of the website, you'll begin to see why!  If you have never heard of or seen a Tibbie, stop to read "What is a Tibbie?" on the Contact Us page.  To learn more, use the link to the Tibetan Spaniel Club of America (TSCA). There you will learn everything from their height, weight, temperament and more.  However, if you already know all about this wonderful breed and are interested in owning, breeding or showing one of our Tibbies, go ahead and feel free to contact us by phone or email!


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